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Our rules

Webmaster Guidelines.

  1. Our network does not accept websites with viruses, malware, antivirus blocked or marked as a fake browsers.
  2. Website should not contain materials which protected by copyright if the owner does not have the required legal rights for publication. As well, as should not violate the laws of your country, disseminate key generators for licensed software.
  3. We do not accept websites without statistics – you should have external counter with sufficient specification (unique visitors, conversions, traffic sources, search engines transitions, searches).  The partner obliged to provide access to external statistics of the site (for example: liveinternet or Google Analytics).
  4. It is forbidden to post the links of the downloader on the pages without statistics.
  5. Any interaction of the websites with the systems of visits exchange, artificial surge of visitors and other attendance fraud are strictly prohibited
  6. We do not accept single page websites, the website should be filled with content.
  7. It is forbidden to spread downloader through  malware.
  8. You are not allowed to force users to install downloader through mislead or deception.
  9. It is forbidden to integrate  downloader with any other applications or files.
  10. It is forbidden to combine with antivirus affiliate programs, antispyware,  as well as with other paid archives and other counterparts, which require a mandatory fee.
  11. It is forbidden to use several affiliate programs with pay-per-install simultaneously with
  12. Users are not allowed to create links for non-existent files.
  13. It is forbidden to change downloader, files for installed programs and additions.
  14. It is forbidden to cheat the number of components installs of advertisers artificially.
  15. It is forbidden to distribute downloader from websites which didn’t pass moderation.
  16. Administration has the right to reject your website without explanation.
  17. Upon detection of cheating, downloader modifications, artificial installs, setting system code on hacked websites or websites without content, the user’s account will be blocked without warning once and for all. Wherein the user's balance will be blocked completely, even if it was purchased from reliable source. Appeals are not accepted.
  18. If the quality of installs quite low and have a zero income, we reserve the right to stop cooperation by returning money to advertisers or to reduce the installation cost.
  19. If we will identify significant differences in installs conversion supplied by webmaster from the average value of the system, the cost of such transitions may be decreased. Conversion with zero income considered by system as violation of the rules in accordance with point "Cheating" and entail appropriate penalties.


Advertiser Guidelines.

  1. It is prohibited to advertise materials which violate the law of your country.
    If such materials will be detected, the advertiser’s account will be blocked with all funds.
  2. It is forbidden to advertise materials and software, which contains malware or other machine code, as well as blocked by antivirus or browsers.
  3. Advertised material should correspond to the selected type of campaign.
  4. It’s forbidden to use profanity in texts and descriptions.


General rules.

  1. Appeals on controversial issues considered during 30 days from the date of precedent. After this period, the decision will not be reviewed.
  2. When the referral’s account blocked, the bonus for his activity received by referrer,  deducted from the current balance of referrer.
    If the block from referral’s account will be released, as it is very often not final,  the bonus accrued before returns to the current referrer’s account.
  3. On condition of advance warning before three days, our network can stop cooperation with any partner unilaterally.
  4. It is forbidden to use referral links in email spam, untargeted messages on forums and websites.
  5. In cases of disrespect, using threats or profanity in dialogues with Support, account can be irreversibly blocked with all the balance and any communication with the owner of the account may be terminated at the discretion of administration 
    Please be polite.

Rules can be changed at any time without notifications.