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Information for Webmaster

What is the procedure of websites moderation?

Your personal manager does moderation as soon as possible after you added the site.

How the prices set for installation?

Prices are set due to accurate selection and combination of different campaigns. The user may clone several kinds of different types of campaigns per one install (for example: the browser cannot be set twice). Also the user can set targeting, choose advertiser and specify the final cost. First of all, the system sets the most profitable and expensive campaigns.

The prices for the same traffic may vary depending on the current activity of advertisers and campaigns.
What is the minimum payout?

The minimum amount for payout is $10.

Invoice frequency.

Payments are made every Thursday afternoon if your payment order has been created not less than 12 hours before the time of payment. For the new accounts, the hold time (time for hold checking) is one week. You create all payments manually through section "Balance" and paid within 24 hours after order.

Is prepayment scheme possible?

Yes, prepayment is possible for trusted sites working with the system more than one month, and with 10,000 downloads per day.

What payment systems used for payouts?

We make payments to: Webmoney (WMR or WMZ), OkPay, Paxum, Epayments, Payoneer. For pay to PayPal or bank account, contact please with our support.

Do we have a hold?

Yes. Hold-period usually takes 24 hours, in this connection we have temporary requirements for payments from the points specified above.

What software installed to the user?

In the presence of a number of suitable campaigns, several campaigns for sale as one combined product are set for user. This set usually includes web browsers, start pages, games and adware. All our advertisers and their software strictly checked by our managers for the presence of banned and harmful programs. We do not set trojans, spyware, bitcoin miners etc. All users can refuse to install the proposed software that minimizes the probability of abuses from your customers and increases their loyalty.

How often statistics updated?

Statistics updates in real time, but some installs may occur later due to the time difference between installer downloading and running by user,   but also because of waiting time of installation confirmation on some offers from advertiser.

How to calculate conversion rate?

Conversion measured by campaigns installs ratio to the boot loader. Conversion may be higher than 100% since more than one campaign may set for user in one launch.

What is CPM?

CPM - the average income of 1 000 unique launches

What are your charges?

We pay 80% of the income to our partners received from advertisers. At high volumes, we are ready to increase your rate individually. Please contact your account manager through the ticket system.

Which countries do you accept traffic from?

Now we have ad campaigns for 170+ countries, which allows you to get the maximum income by converting all traffic, including mixed-traffic from other countries on your website on condition that present traffic oriented at CIS countries. Also that will help you to monetize sites targeted to other countries and regions of the world.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we pay 5% of attracted webmasters earnings. Please check your referral link in personal profile.

Information for Advertisers

Which software can I distribute?

You can distribute via our system your browser, start page, adware, toolbars for browsers, games and other software that does not violate the laws of country, which is not malicious software, and has no hidden functions that can harm end-user.

What is the cost of one install?

The cost depends on your requirements for the targeting and type of your software. The system works on the principle of the search of the highest rates among similar campaigns. Thus, there will always be a priority for campaigns with the higher rates. For the safety of your budget, you can specify a minimum and maximum rate, which you can pay for the installation. Therefore, in the absence of competition with your campaign, you will pay the minimum specified price. In the presence of other similar campaigns with the same maximum rates, the installations will be distributed evenly between two campaigns. This enables all advertisers get installs on equal terms. Recommended price per one install is from $0.03 . Please contact your personal manager via ticket system to clarify rates for other countries and regions.

What is the minimum amount of balance top up?

The minimum amount of balance top up is $15

What payment systems can I use for balance top up?

You can top up your balance via Webmoney (WMR or WMZ) automatically or PayPal. If you want to make a payment in other convenient way for you, please contact your manager through the ticket system.