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Skype: install.maker
Your website visitor download file and get our downloader.
After run downloader.exe, download file and ask user install advertiser software.
User get file, you get profit from every install.


Replace the website links particularly

Links on the website can be replaced automatically on all pages of your site with our script.

Get your income per every installation!

Together with the files that users want to download from your site, they will also receive the advertiser’s software.

Following the link, users install advertiser's software .

You will receive income per every installation of software while retaining the loyalty of your customers, who receive the needed files.


We offer the best market conditions for advertisers:
  • An open installation with the user's consent;
  • No malicious software or code;
  • Jewelry targeting;
  • Flexible price management, which saves your budget;
  • The huge daily audience from around the world;
  • Only quality and manually checked traffic sources;
  • A wide range of campaign types from the start page of the browser to games and etc.;
  • Personal manager is always ready to answer your questions and help you;
  • An experienced team, working in the interests of their partners;
  • And much more.